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TGA Neon Green Heart Ice Skating Bag Tennis Gym and Ballet Girls Athletic Bag - CR11OIZLQ9T

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  • Stylish Neon Green Athletic Heart Bag used by girl athletes to carry their essentials close to the action. Not for Ice Skates.
  • Initially used as an Ice Skating Rink Tote but now used by Cheerleaders, Gymnast, Tennis Players, Ballerinas and Swimmers
  • Beautifully Constructed to Carry all a girl athlete needs while she is practicing or performing without loosing style.
  • Carries a half Tissue Box on One Side and Towels, Bottled Water, Skate Guards, Tennis Balls or any thing else your athlete needs on the other side. Or you can remove the divider to add a full sized tissue box.
  • Up to Three Front Pockets including a handy middle pocket for your phone. Side Pockets that can fit a music CD. Back Strap for sliding over Zuca and other similar bags.

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